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Where can I find the employer code I need to register?

A special code will be provided by your employer. Ideally, you should contact your company’s HR specialist who will provide you with the code.

Can I send my salary to an account other than the one I entered when I registered?

That’s not possible. The requested amount is always paid into a registered bank account, which is also registered by your employer.

Why doesn't the app show my full average daily wage?

In the app, you can only draw a percentage of your average salary or a predetermined fixed amount. Your employer decides on the specific amount to be used.

Can I use the application even if I work part-time or temporarily?

Yes, if your employer allows it. For more information, please contact your company’s HR specialist.

Is it really unnecessary to always file an application and to worry if my employer approves it?

Not at all. You can access your account online and see how much you can withdraw from your paycheck each day. You have complete freedom and the choice is yours.

How do I know how much of my paycheck is currently available?

Easyly – it is in the My Payout section of the app you downloaded to your phone.

Shall I wait long for my money?

Not at all. Transfers to your account work around the clock, so your payout is available immediately.

Where can I find out if my employer offers a payroll advance?

Just ask for an overview of the benefits your employer offers. The PalmApp is a useful employee benefit and can be found with all good employers.

Can I collect the entire remaining portion of my paycheck?

In My Payout section of mobile app, you can choose how much you want to withdraw. One of the options is to withdraw the entire remaining amount (click on the Redeem All button).

How much will I pay for the withdrawal? Is there any interest on the amount collected?

The amount you freely choose will land in your account quickly, safely and interest-free – for a minimal fee. It’s not a loan, it’s a quick process for collecting your paycheck. So from the money you have already (pre)earned.

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