Are you worried
about high turnover
and difficult recruitment?

Offer your employees the world's most desirable benefit. EWA (Earned Wage Access) fully replaces wage advances. This avoids unpleasant requests for advances from your employees and removes the administrative burden for you. Put employees back in control of their finances and improve their financial health.


Reduction fluctuations

This benefit will make your employees happier and reduce the risk of them leaving.

Financial Health

According to the study, 75% of respondents are able to better manage their family budget. A future without financial stress.

Increase in the number of Candidates

Gain a competitive advantage in the region and across the country. With PalmApp you can double the number of applicants.

More productive Staff

Employees are less financially stressed, more focused, more efficient and more loyal. They’re more motivated to go to work.

The most desired benefit
in the world and for your

Thanks to company benefits, employees have access to sports facilities, language courses, meals and countless other benefits. PalmApp allows employers to take care of what matters most – their financial health. Don’t wait until your employees start facing financial problems and leave you. Don’t wait and offer them a future without financial stress.

How do you do that?
It's simple!

For employees, PalmApp is a breeze – just download the simple mobile app. And for companies? Also! We securely connect your attendance and payroll system and you get access to reports in the Admin Portal. We work with dozens of systems and it is not a problem even if you do not have an attendance system. Which systems do we work with? Look!

You already have a JOB
or Sodexo?

Integrating with our benefit partners is even easier! In the JOBka app, you can find us as one of the employee benefits tiles, and in Sodexo you can find us in their Cafeteria. Connecting is safe and fast.


Our clients take care of the financial the health of their Staff

Wondering how our clients have coped with lengthy and expensive recruitment, high staff turnover and low productivity?

How Fehrer actively protects its employees from loans
and indebtedness

Production company in Česká Lípa with 1300 employees.

Nicotrans has fully replaced payroll advances with PalmApp, less administration and more benefits for employees

Logistics company with branches in České Budějovice, Modeltice and Olomouc with 400 employees.